What To Expect (and Not Expect) From A PR Campaign

Our business is ready to invest in a public relations campaign. What should I expect?” #AskThePRPro

PR is an investment, not a guarantee.
It’s more subtle than advertising or marketing and has a goal of getting the attention of the media with an understanding that a mention in the media about your company has more credibility than advertising.
Do not expect articles that simply praise your business.
Story angles and messages need to be tailored to the needs of various media outlets and will center on differentiating you from your competitors. These can be tied to trends, local events, news, or other interesting topics.
Public relations builds public awareness and credibility, and getting feature stories in national media can take time. To gain national credibility a foundation must first be established locally and regionally, and to an extent, in trade publications as well. Realistically, you can expect local coverage within the first few months, coverage in the trade publications within four to six months, and coverage in national publications within 16 to 32 months.
Visual content is in high demand online and having great content on your website and across various social media outlets is essential for drawing hungry eyes and generating interest. The importance of high quality photos cannot be underestimated and good quality video is even better.
Media visits are generally hosted by the client because national publications often employ freelance writers who do not get paid for their time or their meal from the outlets they’re working with. It’s not realistic to expect every visit to result in an immediate story but it’s important to remember that even if a journalist does not write about you immediately, they will keep you in mind for future stories. Some may even come out a year or more after someone has visited so patience is crucial.
Remember that PR is an investment and doesn’t happen overnight.