We have launched PR campaigns for some of the nation's top brands

Our skilled team has led highly successful PR campaigns  in the areas of  health, weight loss, cosmetics, apparel, entrepreneurship: if the industry targets women, our experienced team has  run a campaign for it.

If you want your brand to reach the heights of our biggest clients, don't wait: call now and let us help you build and grow your business.

More of our clients:

Association For The Blind
Alan Gold Group
Baba Yoga Programs and Books
Bath Junkie
Bloomingdale's "Eat Healthy" Workshops
Caron Foundation
Courtney Akai Lash Boutique
Daytop Village
Doll Face
Dr. Robert Atkins
Dr. Rhoda Narins
Dr. Penny Wise Budoff Women's Medical Center & Books
Fit America
The Golden Ghetto by Jessie H. O'Neill
Goodson Parker Wellness Center
Hickey Chemists
Hospital Corporation of America
International Sleep Network
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Judith Ripka Ltd.
Manhattan Spine and Sports Medicine
New York Center for Living
Noir Cosmetics
Picture Perfect Weight Loss by Dr. Howard Shapiro
Pour le Monde Parfums
R.C. Gorman
Salvador Dali
Speech Buddies
Sprout Pharmaceuticals
United Cerebral Palsy
The Water’s Edge
Women Presidents’ Organization
YOYO Lipgloss
The 800B Medical Suite

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