Podcasting and your PR strategy Part 2: Equipment

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written by Chris Cordani, Radio Broadcaster and Podcaster. In the first post in our series, we asked if podcasting was right for you and your business, brand and PR strategy. After deciding to look further into it, those considering the idea of hosting a podcast will ask two questions: What...

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Podcasting and your PR strategy. Part 1: Is it right for you?

With the plethora of digital media available as uses of the internet continue to expand, many influencers, business leaders, entrepreneurs and newsmakers have contemplated the idea of creating and hosting a podcast. What makes podcasting rather intriguing from a public relations and brand-building standpoint is that it is a balance between earned...

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What Is Media Training And Why Is It Important?

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Media training teaches you how to get your message across in a clear and concise manner. Being knowledgeable about a topic is not enough so learning how to listen to interviewer questions and answering without a lot of superfluous information is key to being an effective spokesperson. This is your...

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Using Public Relations To Launch A National Brand

zestra case study

Diane Terman PR, was tasked with taking Zestra Essential Arousal Oils, a newly introduced health and wellness product offering pleasure to women grappling with the lack of sexual satisfaction, into the spotlight while facing a rather interesting challenge: the taboo of women’s sexual issues allowed in the news. While male...

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