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Women’s Lifestyle PR & Marketing Trends: The Use Of Technology

The Use Of Technology To Make Health, Fitness & Wellness Activities Accessible To The Masses

This is a huge sector not just amongst apps that provide consumers with workout tips & videos, wellness advice, and heart rate information. Technological tools are also being used by doctors, administrators, and other hospital or clinical staff to track their schedules, their patient’s files, and communication within their designated healthcare facilities. Further tools are also being developed that will allow doctors to virtually treat patients via a desktop or mobile device. Here are some other telling statistics that illustrate this growing trend:

  • Medical fitness health care apps are 3rd fast growing category for iPhone and Android
  • Phones the Apple App store now has 17,000 health care related apps, 60% of which are aimed at the consumer
  • Sports, fitness and wellness apps will grow from 154M downloads in 2010 to 908M by 2016

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