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What’s Hot In PR and Marketing 2017: Live Streaming

Live streaming describes the process of broadcasting real-time, live video footage to an audience accessing it over the Internet where viewers can interact with the host, guests or other viewers.

Social media users are demanding more of this in-the-moment content and brands are taking note. Thanks to faster Internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices, live video has become very hot, with more and more apps and platforms providing some kind of “live streaming” functionality; even this year’s first Presidential debate was streamed live, drawing millions of viewers in.

So how are companies using streaming video today? New ways are popping up all the time and here are a few of the most popular.

Q&As and conversations with the audience

Experian uses live video for chatting about credit, debt, student loans, and ways to manage and improve scores, using the hashtag #creditchat.

Customer support and Q&As

AWeber has been holding office hours to answer user questions.

Special announcements and product introductions

Nissan streamed the launch of its 2016 Maxima at the New York auto show. Frito Lay’s Doritos used it in combination with other platforms to support the launch of the Doritos Roulette product. At the Consumer Electronics Show, General Motors became the first auto brand to livestream on Facebook when it rolled out the Chevy Volt EV.

Interviews and influencer outreach

Nestlé’s Drumstick did a sponsored event to reach out to early Periscope influencers to create their own content and promote with sponsored tweets.

Blogger/partner streams

SAP teamed up with key social influencer Brian Fanzo and others for 25 hours of Blabs over five days leading up to the Super Bowl (February 1–5). Each day a new SAP partner was the focus. SAP was in the background, telling its story through the lens of its partners, according to Fanzo.

Live events

Includes presentations, talks, conferences, press conferences, performances, concerts, tours, and demos. GE used drones equipped with Periscope to give guided tours through remote facilities as a part of #Droneweek. Red Bull and Mountain Dew have used it for events. U2 and Spotify used it to stream live musical performances, including a Dunkin Donuts summer music event across multiple platforms, including Periscope and Spotify.

Backstage passes and behind-the-scenes

The Madden video games series used live video to get behind-the-scenes coverage of players and share it with fans. The Tonight Show used Facebook Live to show behind-the-scenes footage of the show. Target has used it to give fans sneak peeks of its design partnerships and promote fashion week. DKNY has also used it for similar behind-the-scenes glimpses, and Marc Jacobs used it to preview its 2016 line.

Live video has been on an upward streak for the last few years, but we believe 2017 will be the year when it fully takes off, utilized by more brands and more individuals than ever.

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