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New Year’s Resolutions For Every PR Professional

Happy New Year! Resolutions may have a high failure rate, but we’ve still got some suggestions for staying on top of your PR game in 2017.

Resolve to be a storyteller. In the frenzy to be brand publishers and leverage digital channels we may have forgotten the basic rules of PR: communicate with purpose; target your audiences and be relevant.

Resolve to be a better writer—in 140 characters or less. In an age of tweeting, being succinct is key and helps in making your content viral.

Resolve to think outside the confines of “traditional” PR. Instead of relying on an age-old press release, ask if a topic is better suited to a blog or social media post.

Resolve to know your audience. “Beats” are fluid in these days of the continuous news cycle. Know your audience and their of-the-moment interests. Resolve to check your contacts’ latest posts and tweets before reaching out with an idea or topic.

Resolve to be mobile. As more and more people access the internet through their mobile phones or tablets, Google’s changed its PageRank system and now puts mobile first.

Resolve to speak measurement upfront, not when asked by the client. What does the program, strategy or tactic you’re suggesting really do to impact the bottom line? If you can’t answer that question, both qualitatively and quantitatively, then perhaps it’s not the great idea you thought it was.

Resolve to be SEO friendly. Why make it hard to find the product or messages you’re trying to convey? Think of keywords that matter and use them in your blog, release and outreach so they can get crawled and drive traffic.

Resolve to be more visual. Statistics from recent studies indicate that incorporating images, infographics and video in your content dramatically boosts visibility, pick-up, engagement and sharing – some studies show nearly three times as much.

Resolve to stay ahead of the game. This is one of the hardest challenges in PR. As fires, last-minute deadlines and “urgent” requests fly into the inbox hour by hour, it’s important to dedicate a portion of the day to ensure you’re staying ahead—or at a minimum on track—of your regularly scheduled program.

Resolve to give good advice. Tell your clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. This can sometimes be intimidating, but it’s important, and only right.

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