NBCUniversal hosts “Winning Women” Career Day

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 3, 2017 — Virtual Enterprises International (veinternational.org; @VEInternational) and NBCUniversal hosts “Winning Women” Career Day with diverse group of 25 highly successful businesswomen for 55 high-achieving female students from NYC Public High Schools. Mentorship sessions focused on four key areas: communication skills, personal brand, professional presence, and emotional intelligence.

FROM LEFT — Ingrid Rinck, owner and CEO of Sensible Portions, the largest meal preparation program in the U.S., Cherie Serota, Co-founder and president, Belly Basics and Adjunct Professor in Fashion Merchandising at Long Island University, Susan Berkenbush, Director of IT Vendor Strategy and Performance Management at KPMG, Stephanie Ackler, CFA, Managing Director at Wells Fargo Advisors, Jennifer Walsh, Founder and CEO, Behind the Brand Media, Soteria Stavroulakis, Virtual Enterprises International, Ritu Banga, Founder of Zoomdojo, Allison Dombrow, VP Human Resources at NBCUniversal, Tara Penny, Technology Education Program Manager at NPower, Janet Hanson, President and CEO, 85 Broads, Margaret Marcucci, CEO and President, Coranet

FROM LEFT — Adrienne Burke, SVP, Head of Marketing and Investor Relations at Gerstein Fisher, Diane Terman, President and CEO, Diane Terman Public Relations, Louise Phillips Forbes, leading real estate broker at Halstead Property, Iris Blanc, Founder and Executive Director of Virtual Enterprises International, Alexandra Van Arkel, Host, Founder and Head Mentor of “Winning Women” for Virtual Enterprises International, Senior Manager of Strategy, NBCUniversal, Erin O’Leary, Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis, NBC Universal, Meaghan Quindlen, Digital Ad Sales Finance Manager, NBCUniversal, Bryn Canner, Virtual Enterprises International

Connie German, Sr Vice President, Head of Specialty Casualty, Loanne Johnson, Director, HR, Advertising Sales Group, NBCUniversal, Christine Napoli, SVP & CFO, New Media Distribution Group, NBCUniversal, Debra Weiser, Consultant, Former President, Travelers Insurance, Surabhi Pokhriyal, Associate Consulting Director, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Tara Vogl Sheehan, Senior Finance Director, Cable Entertainment Group, NBCUniversal

Virtual Enterprises International; @VEInternational
Jennifer Walsh; @BehindTheBrand
Louise Phillips Forbes, @weze_sez; @Halstead
Ingrid Rinck, @sensiblep
Cherie Serota, @LIUBrooklyn
Janet Hanson, @janethanson
Adrienne Burke, @GersteinFisher
Debra Weiser, @TravelersInsurance
Surabhi Pokhriyal, @Cognizant
Margaret Marcucci, @MargaretMarcuc1
Tara Penny, @NPowerOrg
Stephanie Ackler, @wellsfargo
Susan Berkenbush, @KPMG
Ritu Banga, @zoomdojo
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PR Resolutions for 2017. Diane Terman PR NYC: Women's Lifestyle Marketing

New Year’s Resolutions For Every PR Professional

Happy New Year! Resolutions may have a high failure rate, but we’ve still got some suggestions for staying on top of your PR game in 2017.

Resolve to be a storyteller. In the frenzy to be brand publishers and leverage digital channels we may have forgotten the basic rules of PR: communicate with purpose; target your audiences and be relevant.

Resolve to be a better writer—in 140 characters or less. In an age of tweeting, being succinct is key and helps in making your content viral.

Resolve to think outside the confines of “traditional” PR. Instead of relying on an age-old press release, ask if a topic is better suited to a blog or social media post.

Resolve to know your audience. “Beats” are fluid in these days of the continuous news cycle. Know your audience and their of-the-moment interests. Resolve to check your contacts’ latest posts and tweets before reaching out with an idea or topic.

Resolve to be mobile. As more and more people access the internet through their mobile phones or tablets, Google’s changed its PageRank system and now puts mobile first.

Resolve to speak measurement upfront, not when asked by the client. What does the program, strategy or tactic you’re suggesting really do to impact the bottom line? If you can’t answer that question, both qualitatively and quantitatively, then perhaps it’s not the great idea you thought it was.

Resolve to be SEO friendly. Why make it hard to find the product or messages you’re trying to convey? Think of keywords that matter and use them in your blog, release and outreach so they can get crawled and drive traffic.

Resolve to be more visual. Statistics from recent studies indicate that incorporating images, infographics and video in your content dramatically boosts visibility, pick-up, engagement and sharing – some studies show nearly three times as much.

Resolve to stay ahead of the game. This is one of the hardest challenges in PR. As fires, last-minute deadlines and “urgent” requests fly into the inbox hour by hour, it’s important to dedicate a portion of the day to ensure you’re staying ahead—or at a minimum on track—of your regularly scheduled program.

Resolve to give good advice. Tell your clients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. This can sometimes be intimidating, but it’s important, and only right.

WE LAUNCH AND BUILD BRANDS. For businesses marketing to women, NYC PR agency Diane Terman PR brings a wealth of experience and an extensive track record of successfully promoting beauty, cosmetic, lifestyle and wellness brands.

We excel at seamlessly integrating the best of digital media and traditional public relations techniques to generate maximum exposure and buzz for your business. Whether introducing a new brand or looking to propel an existing brand to new levels of success, we are your indispensable resource and partner.

Live streaming for PR and Marketing: Diane Terman PR NYC

What’s Hot In PR and Marketing 2017: Live Streaming

Live streaming describes the process of broadcasting real-time, live video footage to an audience accessing it over the Internet where viewers can interact with the host, guests or other viewers.

Social media users are demanding more of this in-the-moment content and brands are taking note. Thanks to faster Internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices, live video has become very hot, with more and more apps and platforms providing some kind of “live streaming” functionality; even this year’s first Presidential debate was streamed live, drawing millions of viewers in.

So how are companies using streaming video today? New ways are popping up all the time and here are a few of the most popular.

Q&As and conversations with the audience

Experian uses live video for chatting about credit, debt, student loans, and ways to manage and improve scores, using the hashtag #creditchat.

Customer support and Q&As

AWeber has been holding office hours to answer user questions.

Special announcements and product introductions

Nissan streamed the launch of its 2016 Maxima at the New York auto show. Frito Lay’s Doritos used it in combination with other platforms to support the launch of the Doritos Roulette product. At the Consumer Electronics Show, General Motors became the first auto brand to livestream on Facebook when it rolled out the Chevy Volt EV.

Interviews and influencer outreach

Nestlé’s Drumstick did a sponsored event to reach out to early Periscope influencers to create their own content and promote with sponsored tweets.

Blogger/partner streams

SAP teamed up with key social influencer Brian Fanzo and others for 25 hours of Blabs over five days leading up to the Super Bowl (February 1–5). Each day a new SAP partner was the focus. SAP was in the background, telling its story through the lens of its partners, according to Fanzo.

Live events

Includes presentations, talks, conferences, press conferences, performances, concerts, tours, and demos. GE used drones equipped with Periscope to give guided tours through remote facilities as a part of #Droneweek. Red Bull and Mountain Dew have used it for events. U2 and Spotify used it to stream live musical performances, including a Dunkin Donuts summer music event across multiple platforms, including Periscope and Spotify.

Backstage passes and behind-the-scenes

The Madden video games series used live video to get behind-the-scenes coverage of players and share it with fans. The Tonight Show used Facebook Live to show behind-the-scenes footage of the show. Target has used it to give fans sneak peeks of its design partnerships and promote fashion week. DKNY has also used it for similar behind-the-scenes glimpses, and Marc Jacobs used it to preview its 2016 line.

Live video has been on an upward streak for the last few years, but we believe 2017 will be the year when it fully takes off, utilized by more brands and more individuals than ever.

WE LAUNCH AND BUILD BRANDS. For businesses marketing to women, NYC PR agency Diane Terman PR brings a wealth of experience and an extensive track record of successfully promoting beauty, cosmetic, lifestyle and wellness brands.

We excel at seamlessly integrating the best of digital media and traditional public relations techniques to generate maximum exposure and buzz for your business. Whether introducing a new brand or looking to propel an existing brand to new levels of success, we are your indispensable resource and partner.

How To Launch Your Brand And Generate Publicity

Trying to launch your brand or product? Getting publicity can be intimidating but if you know what steps to take you’ll be able to be successful.

Establishing yourself as a player in your line of business takes time, dedication, and doing a lot of leg work to establish connections, but there are some simple steps you can take at the outset to get the ball rolling and generate publicity for your company.

Diane Terman, an icon in the public relations field who has worked with many major creative individuals and organizations to launch their brand and who is a frequent guest lecturer at Harvard University, was recently quoted in Your Creative Brain: 7 Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life, a Publication for Harvard. Here are a few tips directly from the book on branding yourself and your work.

  • Increase your visibility in your community. Contact your local newspaper and let reporters know what you’re doing. Local papers are often looking for new human interest stories. Volunteer your services at a local charity or fund-raising event. If you’re a musician, offer to play for free at such an event. If you’re an artist, offer to donate a poster or sign relevant to the event or do sketches of community service. Most communities have community centers, YMCA branches, or nursing homes where any type of free lessons would be welcome. (Again, make sure your local paper knows about it, and bring business card to distribute!)
  • Create “talking points”. Be able to explain what it is that you do and why it’s special in three sentences or less. Publicists call this an “elevator pitch” because it needs to be short enough that you can impart the essence of your work in the time it takes an elevator to get from the lobby to the 10th floor.
  • Brand Yourself. Develop a special logo that’s associated with your work (make it unique, tied to what you do, and creative). Then splash that logo everywhere. Have it on your business cards, stationery or note cards, and your Web page. Develop a name or slogan that identifies your work. This should be short and pithy.
  • Develop a Web presence. From Facebook to Twitter to your own Web page, the Internet is the place to see and be seen. A good, informative website accessible on a computer and a mobile device is the entry point most potential clients take to learn more about who you are. Give them the information they need quickly and attractively. Also, promote your site by taking advantage of social media.

If you would like more information on how Diane Terman PR can help you brand you and your business, please call us at 212-744-6055.

Proskins: A PR Case Study by Diane Terman PR NYC

How a NYC PR Lifestyle Agency Launched Proskins

The challenge for the beauty division at Diane Terman PR, a NYC Lifestyle PR agency, was to convince consumers that Proskins, a line of compression wear infused with hydrating ingredients would soften skin, reduce cellulite, and help firm up trouble spots just by wearing them.

Led by Deborah Kerner, we focused on addressing women’s growing concerns about fighting cellulite by positioning Proskins as a non-invasive, less-expensive and fashionable anti-cellulite treatment. Additionally, the agency targeted the active and celebrity arena by having Proskins participate in the exclusive Dancing With the Stars gift suite for the premier of the All-Star season, giving celebrities, dancers, judges, hosts and executives a chance to take the Proskins Challenge.

As a result, millions of consumers throughout the US watched celebrities like Kelly Monaco, Gilles Marini and Sabrina Bryan, as well as professional dancers like Karina Smirnoff, Chelsie Hightower and Peta Murgatoyd wearing Proskins on ABC Television throughout the entire All-Stars season.  This was a brand endorsement worth its weight in gold.

Additionally, local and national print media coverage included The New York Times Style Section, AM New York, Star Magazine, North Valley Magazine, New You Magazine and Bella NYC as the winner of the Best in Svelte category from their 2013 Beauty Awards.  Television coverage resulted in a segment on Better TV; WPIX Channel 11 in New York and WTIC-TV in Hartford, CT, a FOX affiliate.  The extensive online press garnered results on sites such as cosmopolitan.com, examiner.com, latimes.com, newyorktimes.com prevention.com and sheknows.com.

WE LAUNCH AND BUILD BRANDS. For businesses marketing to women, NYC PR agency Diane Terman PR brings a wealth of experience and an extensive track record of successfully promoting beauty, cosmetic, lifestyle and wellness brands.

We excel at seamlessly integrating the best of digital media and traditional public relations techniques to generate maximum exposure and buzz for your business. Whether introducing a new brand or looking to propel an existing brand to new levels of success, we are your indispensable resource and partner.


Making a Difference One Child at a Time: Diane Terman PR NYC

Making A Difference, One Child At A Time

By Diane Terman

Louise Phillips Forbes embraces a group of Summer Reading Challenge participants from The Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School, a school supported by Change for Kids — Photo Credit: Change for Kids

As a leading broker at Halstead Property’s Park Avenue office and a multi-time winner of the broker of the year, Louise Phillips Forbes is a very busy woman. Active in New York’s real estate market since the late 1980s, her career sales exceed $2.5 billion. She has been the director of sales for more than 30 development projects to date and is credited with establishing residential neighborhoods in areas where they previously did not exist. Louise is frequently quoted in articles for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal, and many other notable publications. In fact, for the past few years, she has been named in the Real Trends/Wall Street Journal’s “Real Estate Top 200,” which recognizes elite real estate brokers and teams throughout the country. Additionally, she is a wife and mother of two tween boys, an avid surfer and fitness enthusiast.
Still, despite her jam-packed schedule, she makes time to give back—serving on the advisory board for The Bronx Museum of the Arts and working with a cause most dear to her heart—Change For Kids.

Louise always had a great appreciation for the arts. After struggling in school as a child, she was later diagnosed with dyslexia as a teen and used the arts as a way to cope in an environment that tends to reward students flourishing in STEM subjects, while placing less value on those who are capable of interpretive dance or painting a grand work of art. While recent studies have shown that arts education enhances critical skills such as visual learning, decision making, and even improves reading, writing, and math skills, a lack of arts education funding still plagues, especially in low-income schools. A 2014 NYDOE study showed a major decline in funds allocated for art programs and supplies for low-income schools in New York City. Louise hopes to change that.

In 1997, Louise met Ted Madara, founder of Change for Kids—an education nonprofit that supports ten public low-income schools throughout New York City with art, creative writing, music and literacy and health programs. Her life hasn’t been the same since. Louise was so inspired by Change for Kids, that she began volunteering and fundraising for the organization, and later recruited her then-soon-to-be husband, Christopher Forbes, to serve on the board of directors. Louise serves as the co-chair for many of the organization’s fundraising events.

As Louise says, “Volunteering with Change for Kids isn’t a change-the-world moment. It’s about making a difference one child at a time, one school at a time, one community at a time, through real hands-on involvement.”

This past summer, Louise was integral in an event for the charity, “Ride for Kids,” which teamed Louise with celebrity trainer and SoulCycle Senior Master Instructor Stacey Griffith at SoulCycle Bridgehampton. The event, in its sixth iteration, has raised more than $100,000 for Change for Kids and brought supplies, fitness education, art, and literacy support to thousands of children.

On October 7th, Louise visited Brooklyn Landmark Elementary to present students with their rewards for completing the reading challenge she had posed before school let out for the summer. Louise offered every student in the school a gift card to Barnes and Nobles if they completed all the reading assigned to them by their teachers for the summer. For some students it was the number of books, for others—like our youngest readers—it was a few passages from specially selected texts. The idea behind the challenge was to encourage students to maintain and strengthen their literacy skills over the summer months. The summer reading challenge was Ms. Forbes’ plan, and Brooklyn Landmark teachers and staff were thrilled to have her support.

This month, Louise’s fundraising abilities will be in focus as Change for Kids holds its 4th Annual Super Chefs benefit at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. The event features ten nationally celebrated master chefs, cooking to raise funds for 4,000 low-income New York City elementary school students. Last year’s fantastic event raised more than half a million dollars and auctioned off work by photographer Debby Hymowitz, an exclusive Tiffany & Co experience, sports memorabilia and more. Chefs featured at the event include Marc Murphy of Landmarc, and judge on Food Network’s Chopped; Shane McBride of Balthazar; Miguel Franco of El Original TX MX among others.

Louise Phillips Forbes and Stacey Griffith at the Hamptons Ride for Kids to benefit Change for Kids, Summer 2015 Photo Credit: Change for Kids

Even though her plate is certainly full with planning these events and taking care of her family, Louise is eagle-eyed and focused when it comes to work. One of the remarkable properties she is currently brokering is a $23.75 million townhouse located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The co-exclusive listing, 63 East 82nd Street, is a six-story dream home with over 9,000 gross interior square feet in addition to a 1,360 total square foot cellar. Features include a temperature controlled wine room, an elevator servicing all floors, high ceilings, and a wide sweeping staircase, as well as outdoor space that includes a 35-foot landscaped garden with custom irrigation system. A Juliet balcony and a large terrace with open city views complete this picture.

Originally built at the turn-of-the-century, the house is fully renovated, and every inch has been masterfully conceived with the finest finishes, innovative systems, and luxurious amenities. Modern design elements balance seamlessly with old-world elegance, scale and details including pristine, decorative moldings, beautifully finished oak wood floors, pocket doors, and nine wood-burning fireplaces. With two levels of expansive formal rooms, a peaceful landscaped garden, multiple butler kitchens and a dumbwaiter, the house can comfortably accommodate entertaining on a large-scale. It is currently configured as a six bedroom but could be converted to a seven or eight-bedroom, making it perfect for large families or those with many visitors.

Few in New York City can lay claim to Louise Phillips Forbes’ accomplishments and determination to give back just as hard as she works. She is proof that no one is too busy to make a positive impact on society and embodies the true spirit of New York. For more information on Louise and her and her services, visit louisephllipsforbes.com; and for Change for Kids, visit changeforkids.org.

4th Annual Super Chefs Benefit Supporting Change For Kids

Ten “Super Chefs” joined forces for the 4th annual Super Chefs benefit to support Change for Kids including Chef Marc Murphy of Landmarc Restaurant and Chef Missy Robbins of Lilia Ristorante. The education nonprofit invests in public elementary schools to provide high-quality education to students in low-income communities. The Super Chefs benefit held at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers on November 3rd raised over $625,000 for 10 schools and nearly 4,000 students throughout NYC. Co-Hosts of the event included Louise Phillips Forbes of Halstead Property, Natalie Auerbach, and Bronwen Smith of B Floral.

Diane Terman Women's Lifestyle PR and Marketing at the Richard Tucker Foundation Gala

The Richard Tucker Music Foundation Gala, October 30, 2016

Diane Terman attended a breathtaking, auditorium-filled concert on Sunday evening, October 30th at Carnegie Hall benefiting the Richard Tucker Music Foundation Gala.

The Richard Tucker Opera Gala is an annual highlight of the classical music season, featuring opera’s greatest stars. This year, Jamie Barton, Lawrence Brownlee, Javier Camarena, Joyce DiDonato, Renée Fleming, Joshua Guerrero, Anna Netrebko, Kristine Opolais, Nadine Sierra and the 2016 Richard Tucker Award Winner Tamara Wilson were invited and were joined by the New York Choral Society and members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra conducted by Asher Fisch.

Dinner followed in the Grand Ballroom at The Plaza Hotel where performers from the Gala joined guests.

We were thrilled to be part of such a wonderful event!

The Richard Tucker Music Foundation

Founded in 1975, the Richard Tucker Music Foundation is a non-profit cultural organization dedicated to perpetuating the artistic legacy of the great American tenor through the support and advancement of the careers of talented American opera singers by bringing opera into the community.

WE LAUNCH AND BUILD WOMEN’S LIFESTYLE BRANDS. For businesses marketing to women, Diane Terman PR brings a wealth of experience and an extensive track record of successfully promoting beauty, cosmetic, lifestyle and wellness brands.

We excel at seamlessly integrating the best of digital media and traditional public relations techniques to generate maximum exposure and buzz for your business. Whether introducing a new brand or looking to propel an existing brand to new levels of success, we are your indispensable resource and partner.

Women's Marketing and PR Lifestyle Trends: Diane Terman PR NYC

Women’s Lifestyle PR & Marketing Trends: The Use Of Technology

The Use Of Technology To Make Health, Fitness & Wellness Activities Accessible To The Masses

This is a huge sector not just amongst apps that provide consumers with workout tips & videos, wellness advice, and heart rate information. Technological tools are also being used by doctors, administrators, and other hospital or clinical staff to track their schedules, their patient’s files, and communication within their designated healthcare facilities. Further tools are also being developed that will allow doctors to virtually treat patients via a desktop or mobile device. Here are some other telling statistics that illustrate this growing trend:

  • Medical fitness health care apps are 3rd fast growing category for iPhone and Android
  • Phones the Apple App store now has 17,000 health care related apps, 60% of which are aimed at the consumer
  • Sports, fitness and wellness apps will grow from 154M downloads in 2010 to 908M by 2016

WE LAUNCH AND BUILD WOMEN’S LIFESTYLE BRANDS. For businesses targeting women, Diane Terman PR brings a wealth of experience and an extensive track record of successfully promoting beauty, cosmetic, lifestyle and wellness brands.

We excel at seamlessly integrating the best of digital media and traditional public relations techniques to generate maximum exposure and buzz for your business. Whether introducing a new brand or looking to propel an existing brand to new levels of success, we are your indispensable resource and partner.

Change For Kids: Louise Phillips Forbes: Diane Terman PR NYC

Schoolchildren Praised For Reading Over The Summer: Fox 5 TV

The students at Brooklyn Landmark Elementary in Ocean Hill have a lot to celebrate this year.

Summer is supposed to be a time for students to take a break from school, but dozens of these kids are being recognized for poring over books during their 2-month vacation.

Whether they perused love stories or mysteries, these kids decided to keep their brains working all summer long, thanks to Louise Phillips Forbes. Forbes is a Manhattan real estate agent who is dyslexic and felt it was her duty to bring literacy to low-income schools.

Forbes and the nonprofit she works with called Change for Kids motivated the young bookworms to read every day over the summer and keep a logbook. In return, they’d get a $15 gift card to Barnes & Noble when they returned to school this fall.

Nearly 80 of the approximately 300 kids at this school were honored with the reading award, and the kids who did read hope to inspire.

Watch the video on Fox 5 New York >>