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Understanding The Women’s Market

For savvy marketers, it didn’t take 2016’s female-dominated presidential race to realize the influence of women in this country. Women are more than just a political and social force, they have become THE major economic phenomenon in the U.S. Women now impact 85% of all consumer purchases and this trend is expected to continue with women controlling two thirds of consumer wealth in the U.S. by 2025.

A Dynamic Market Force

The women’s market is stronger than ever and constantly evolving. With successful careers and strong financial portfolios, female baby boomers blazed the trail for the generations who followed. Today’s millennial women are earning college degrees at rates higher than men and are set to transform the workplace and the marketplace. The average American woman is expected to earn more than the average American man by 2028. So, it is critical to craft a brand message that will resonate with this growing population of financially-empowered women.
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Forbes Magazine 2015)

Where WE Come In…

Diane Terman Public Relations understands the market, follows the trends and connects our clients to an impressive network of media contacts. Let us achieve for you what we have proudly achieved for so many other women’s lifestyle brands:

Dr.’s Remedy
DJS Events

Capturing the women’s lifestyle market is instrumental to your success. Let Diane Terman Public Relations deliver you to this market.

Public Speaking: Diane Terman PR NYC

How To Improve Your Public Speaking

One of the most common fears in the world is public speaking. Whether you are standing in front of a crowd of fifteen people or four hundred, there is something about speaking in front of others that gives people tremendous anxiety. There are many tips to help overcome this fear, such as pretending the audience is in their underwear. It works for some, but for others it achieves nothing besides now speaking to a large group of half-naked people. Instead, you should focus on these things when public speaking.

Don’t read your speech word-for-word. This causes you to focus on what you are reading instead of engaging with your audience. A crowd wants to be spoken to, not at. Reading word-for-word can also cause you to read very slowly, making your speech extremely boring. Make eye contact with your audience and have a conversation with them. If someone interjects, address it. Don’t be afraid to go off topic. Speak from the heart and people will find you genuine.

Talk like yourself. When making a speech, many people think it’s better to sound like a different version of themselves. This could depend on the material your are speaking about or the audience you’re addressing. This is unnecessary! You can get the same message across by speaking like yourself. When you try too hard, you look like you’re trying too hard and that’s a turn off. Be yourself!

Find your perfect pitch. One of the hardest parts of public speaking is finding the right volume for your voice. You need to be loud enough so that everyone can hear you, but you don’t want to be shouting at them. Being too quiet or too loud can ruin a speech, so make sure you find your happy medium.

Don’t argue with your audience. You may find yourself in a losing battle with the public opinion, and that’s okay. There may be people trying to interrupt your speech in order to get their point across. Don’t get agitated. Simply smile and let them speak. There is no need for you to interrupt them, because your opinion will get lost in the noise. Wait for them to finish, and then respond accordingly.

Have fun! Public speaking can be terrifying, so why not take the fear out of it? You could start with a joke, incorporate life experiences, or even involve the audience in a game. This will not only make the process more fun for you, but for everyone else as well. Having fun will ensure that the audience is paying attention and that you are making an impression.

Public speaking is here to stay. Even with the strides in technology, everyone will have to speak in front of others at some point in their lifetime. It can be scary, but you should use that fear to deliver a fantastic speech. No one becomes a great public speaker overnight, so remember to practice. The fear will lessen every time you try. Good luck!

What to expect from a PR campaign

What To Expect (and Not Expect) From A PR Campaign

“Our business is ready to invest in a public relations campaign. What should I expect?” #AskThePRPro 

PR is an investment, not a guarantee.

It’s more subtle than advertising or marketing and has a goal of getting the attention of the media with an understanding that a mention in the media about your company has more credibility than advertising.

Do not expect articles that simply praise your business.

Story angles and messages need to be tailored to the needs of various media outlets and will center on differentiating you from your competitors. These can be tied to trends, local events, news, or other interesting topics.

Public relations builds public awareness and credibility, and getting feature stories in national media can take time. To gain national credibility a foundation must first be established locally and regionally, and to an extent, in trade publications as well. Realistically, you can expect local coverage within the first few months, coverage in the trade publications within four to six months, and coverage in national publications within 16 to 32 months.

Visual content is in high demand online and having great content on your website and across various social media outlets is essential for drawing hungry eyes and generating interest. The importance of high quality photos cannot be underestimated and good quality video is even better.

Media visits are generally hosted by the client because national publications often employ freelance writers who do not get paid for their time or their meal from the outlets they’re working with. It’s not realistic to expect every visit to result in an immediate story but it’s important to remember that even if a journalist does not write about you immediately, they will keep you in mind for future stories. Some may even come out a year or more after someone has visited so patience is crucial.

Remember that PR is an investment and doesn’t happen overnight.

Digital and Traditional PR

It’s A Digital World But Traditional PR Ain’t Dead Just Yet!

Photo Credit: Cision

If I can promote my brand through digital media, why is traditional PR still important? #AskThePRPro

Digital media has become an essential part of public relations over the last few years. However, it would be nothing without its roots in traditional PR.

Many organizations, businesses and individuals seeking public relations believe that because they can promote their brand through digital media, traditional PR is no longer important but that could not be further from the truth.

“Traditional media is the first thing clients ask for when they tell us what’s important to them,” explains Diane Terman PR President, Deborah Kerner, “and it’s still the most recognizable form of public relations.” Long-established publications like the The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Vogue as well as television programs like The Today Show and Good Morning America are still among the most popular forms of exposure that clients seek for PR placements and that can’t happen through digital media alone.

Though traditional print media is not as ubiquitous and immediate as digital, there are still many positives to the traditional PR route.

  1. Traditional media is instantly recognizable and trusted.
    The moment you’ve been in The New York Times or on CNN your product or brand gains instant validity, trustworthiness and respect.
  2. Social media feeds off of traditional media.
    “There are certain types of traditional media that are often more recognizable than digital media,” Kerner says. “Both forms of press use social media to promote their content but if something is in print or on TV, there’s an opportunity for even greater media coverage and viewership because this content will be added to their websites.”
  3. Traditional PR offers various tactics.
    Aside from press releases (both traditional and digital), there are a wide variety of tactics that a good publicist will use to elevate a brand including event planning, reputation management, trade shows to name a few. Each of these tactics require having a strong list of contacts who can make things happen. These relationships cannot be built strictly through digital media.

Diane Terman PR excels at seamlessly integrating the best of digital media and traditional public relations for maximum exposure and buzz for your business.

Our experienced team of professionals is knowledgeable, passionate and connected. While we have a long history of successfully working with businesses of all types, our focus on lifestyle and women’s interests makes us unique and keeps us connected to resources vital to your success.

How A Woman's Self-Esteem Is Impacted By PR and Marketing

How a Woman’s Self-Image Is Impacted by Marketing and PR

A recent article in GCI Magazine referenced a campaign and study by Dove in which 80% of women said they feel anxious about the way they look and only 4% would describe themselves as beautiful. As a PR agency that works with many beauty and cosmetics brands, we found this to be notable.  Any publicity campaign focused on cosmetics or on the topic of a woman’s beauty is a sensitive subject in a world where models can be rendered virtually unrecognizable through Photoshop and those retouched images used as an ideal that women should seek to attain.

As a woman-owned agency, Diane Terman PR NYC is particularly sensitive to the issues women face and how a campaign designed to promote an unrealistic vision of what constitutes “beauty” may get someone to buy a product but ultimately is bad for society. We agree with Dove when they say, “”In an effort to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety, we strive to inform, inspire and ignite conversation and change.”

Our campaigns, whether in print, on television, or through digital/social media, focus on the inherent beauty of all women and how using our clients’ products will enhance the beauty they already possess.  We believe any PR campaign that doesn’t deliver a positive message will backfire even if it provides a short-term boost. In this case, there IS such a thing as bad publicity.

Social Media Users 2017

Social Media Active Users By Network [Infograph]


One of the most common questions from both businesses and social media marketers is “how many?” How many users. How many people. How many opportunities – for each of the social networks.

Of course each social network is different. Some have extremely high usage every month by hundreds of millions of users, while others the only numbers reported are registered members.

Are any of these numbers accurate? Nope. They’re changing by the second, literally, and of course there are always questions about how they’re calculated, how many fake accounts are counted, and so on.

Yet the fact remains, even with a large statistical margin for error, these membership numbers are extremely interesting.

For each network, we will indicate the date of the most recent accounting, as well as whether we are looking at active monthly members or just registered users. Below the top social networks, you’ll also find data for secondary or up and coming networks, like Tumblr, Periscope and more.

Social Media Active Users

The CollegeBound Initiative Celebration

Diane Terman and Sarina Appel were honored to attend the recent, and unforgettable, CollegeBound Initiative Celebration. Honorees were Darren Walker, President of the Ford Foundation, and Melissa Brenner, Senior Vice President of Digital Media at the NBA, with special recognition to Paula Dofat, Director of College Counseling at their affiliate school Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women!

Since CBI’s inception, they have enrolled more than 13,000 students in college, including 2,500 from the Class of 2017, and have generated more than $450 million in financial aid. The majority of their students will be the first in their family to go to college. And even more, an independent evaluation found that CBI students graduate and earn 4-year college degrees at nearly 4x the rate of their peers.

Congratulations to all for a job well done and for a wonderful evening.

Virtual Reality in PR and Marketing

How To Use Virtual Reality In Your PR and Marketing Campaigns

Virtual reality provides a new way of storytelling that keeps old genres fresh and exciting, and captures the imagination of younger readers who have so many options of where to get their news and lifestyle information.  It’s also more cost-effective than you may think.

Have you ever heard of Google Cardboard? It’s a virtual reality (VR) platform developed by Google for use with a head mount for a smartphone. Named for its fold-out cardboard viewer, the platform is intended as a low-cost system to encourage interest and development in VR applications. It costs approximately $15, which makes it a cost-effective way to deliver virtual reality content to your audience.

The New York Times certainly thought so. They’ve been a pioneer in Virtual Reality storytelling. In November 2015, they distributed over 1 million Google Cardboard viewers/glasses to Sunday home delivery subscribers, and produced a VR film, The Displaced, to be viewed with them. In May 2016, they distributed another 300,000: this time, to its longest tenured digital subscribers, and released another VR video, Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart. It provided an exhilarating way for viewers to learn about and explore the planet, almost as if they were there, and experience the thrill of zooming to Pluto and soaring over it. Their magazine had a special New York issue that included a VR piece, Climbing Spire of 1 WTC (World Trade Center).

Virtual reality provides a new way of storytelling that keeps the old genre fresh and exciting, and captures the imagination of those who have so many options of where to get their news and lifestyle information. 

How can the use of this exciting technology take your public relations campaigns to the next level?

1. Revolutionizing the way we tell stories: PR professionals are storytellers for our brands. Imagine taking viewers on a VR tour of your factory, creating an experience of what it’s like to drive your sports car down the autobahn, or luring tourists with clips of walking the streets of Old Delhi.

If the goal of public relations is to engage and build relationships with our stakeholders, then bringing them into the worlds of our brands may be the ultimate way of achieving this.

2. Putting audiences in other people’s shoes: VR also holds special promise for nonprofit practitioners, since we depend on powerful personal stories of human beings who are affected by our causes in order to elicit empathy and spur people to action. VR can make the lives and experiences of other people more palpable to the rest of us. An international non-governmental organization could just have easily commissioned “The Displaced” to advocate for refugees.

3. Delivering captive audiences: The most effective ads will probably be interactive, because there is no multitasking while wearing a headset.

VR holds the same possibility for PR practitioners: to deliver audiences who are so captivated that they don’t simultaneously text and tweet while consuming content, making messages more impactful.

4. Changing how we pitch reporters: In the future, PR practitioners will offer VR footage, rather than just traditional photos and videos, in pitches to reporters. Providing such footage could “help elevate a pitch” with outlets that are experimenting with this technology.

5. Upending physical meetings: Forget Skype — VR has the potential to connect us with clients and colleagues in other places and also convey the feeling that we are physically in the same location.

6. Positioning brands as innovative and connecting with tech-savvy audiences: VR is a powerful tool for brands looking to spruce up their image or appeal to a younger, more tech-oriented audience.

Interested in learning how virtual reality can elevate YOUR brand, give Diane Terman Public Relations a call at (212) 744-6055.

Sources: Forbes, PRSA

Ladies Lunch and Learn Seminar: “Women and Wills”

“If You Are Left Holding The Bag…There Ought To Be Money In It.”

Hosted by Louise Phelps Forbes at Halstead Properties in New York City on May 18, 2017, New York Times bestselling authors Diane Terman and Gloria Gottlieb created this seminar to educate women about the basics of their estate in case they are the ones left in charge of working with their advisors to protect their family. Whether married, widowed, divorced or single, the seminar was relevant for all women to familiarize themselves with the fundamental elements of estate administration. Women, on average, live longer than men so the time to educate oneself is now, before needing to use this important information.

Laurie Ruckel, deputy chair of the trusts and estates department of Loeb & Loeb LLP, discussed the unique challenges and opportunities women face when it comes to preparing and understanding estate plans, including issues involving owning property.

This seminar was designed to teach you how to communicate and work with your advisors to avoid conflict and uncertainty after the death of a loved one. It also focused on how to maintain a lifestyle and preserve wealth for future generations.

Advisors were be present to discuss and answer all questions relevant about estates and holdings:

  • Investments: Diane Finnerty, Morgan Stanley
  • Real estate: Louise Phillips Forbes, Halstead Property
  • Estate Planning: Laurie Ruckel, Loeb & Loeb LLP
  • Insurance: Gloria Gottlieb, Worldwide Consulting Services, Inc.
  • Family Law: Diane Steiner, Greenspoon Marder

This seminar is just another example of the commitment Diane Terman has shown towards empowering women.

Beauty and Cosmetics PR NYC

Trends In Women’s Lifestyle Marketing: Online Beauty Sales Continue To Grow

E-commerce sales continues to grow in so many different industries and beauty isn’t any different.

The beauty industry is expected to drive over $352B in sales by 2019.

Women are becoming more and more comfortable shopping online for their beauty products, especially with the rise of influencers like YouTube stars and bloggers who use social proof to validate the integrity of many brands in this sector. There is also a growing trend amongst consumption of beauty products by men, so this new consumer in the market will definitely add to the overall market size of the beauty industry.

To learn more about trends in PR and marketing for the women’s lifestyle industry, give Diane Terman PR a call. Based in New York City, we’re the experts in Women’s Lifestyle PR.