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Diane Terman PR NYC: Lifestyle Public Relations and Marketing

Why risk your brand’s future to an agency that dabbles in women's PR and marketing, when you can align yourself with a partner who lives it?

For more than thirty years, Diane Terman PR has been one of New York City’s powerhouse women's lifestyle agencies, with a reputation for savvy communication and marketing strategy. Our experienced team of professionals is knowledgeable, passionate and connected. While we have a long history of successfully working with businesses of all types, our focus on lifestyle and women's interests makes us unique and keeps us connected to resources vital to your success.
  • Dr. Max Gomez

    Dr. Max Gomez

    CBS Television

    "There's no one better than Diane and her team at Diane Terman PR. They've got their finger on the pulse of what’s happening…and know how to turn that into a newsworthy story.”

  • Jennifer Balbier

    Jennifer Balbier

    Estee Lauder Companies

    “Deborah Kerner is a fabulous find. She and her team are the perfect choice for anyone who wants the best in beauty Public Relations.”

  • Rachel Braun Scherl

    Rachel Braun Scherl


    “You and your gold-medal team did it again. In under 3 weeks, you pulled off a seamless success. You do it with professionalism, grace and a smile.”

  • Marsha Firestone

    Marsha Firestone

    Founder & President of Women Presidents' Organization

    “Diane Terman PR makes public relations an essential part of building and maintaining your business.”

  • Tova Borgnine

    The Tova Corp.

    "To describe the gift and talent of Deborah Kerner is one of joy. She has an ability to forge relationships with editors that in my opinion is matchless; after all she grew up in the Public Relations arena, interned with the best in editorial tutelage and has kept her relationships strong and on going. Timelessly, she multitasks daily and gives each project her total attention. Always with grace, style and humor."

  • Alicia Settle

    President, PerAnnum, Inc.

    "You know you have a winner when your online orders go up a thousand fold because of perfect placement. This was the case when our recent product launch made the New York Times Sunday Style Section and Real Simple magazine."

  • Debi Davis

    President, Fit America MD/FITemployer

    "Diane Terman PR is the best and most honest PR firm I have ever worked with. They know everyone in the media and make things happen within a realistic time frame. She is as gifted a speaker as she is a Public Relations wiz. Her ability to engage an audience is wonderfully entertaining and motivational. "

  • Joyce DeLucca

    Founder and Managing Principal, Kingsland Capital Management

    "I am repeatedly impressed by Diane's seeming ability to give 100% of her attention to each of her clients 100% of the time. Her laser focus on the client's interest coupled with her business acumen and remarkable contact network really gets results. She is simply the best."

Brand Strategy: Diane Terman PR NYC

What’s your story? Every brand has a unique and compelling story to tell. We help crystallize yours and determine the best strategy to communicate it.

Women's Lifestyle Brand Product Launches: Diane Terman PR NYC

A properly-planned product launch is critical to your success. We get you off to the right start, enabling your brand to make an impact.

Digital Media: Diane Terman PR NYC

Digital overload? It’s tough to keep up with what’s relevant to your target market. So we do it for you, and place your brand on the platforms that matter.

Traditional Public Relations: Diane Terman PR NYC

Got connections? We do … and all the right ones critical to the women’s lifestyle market. Sometimes, it simply is who you know!

Get Your Product on Home Shopping Network or QVC: Diane Terman PR NYC

Getting your product on QVC or Home Shopping Network can take your business to heights you never imagined. We have the connections to get you there.

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